Robert Gould

Climate Change – Doing Nothing is No Longer an Option

On the eve of COP26 and in the wake of the COVID crisis, the imperative to develop and implement plans for tackling climate change has never been stronger.

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Amanda Quinn

Navigating the Challenges of Public Procurement

The UK leaving the EU in December 2020 raised questions this year on the impact of procurement within education and concerns about new legislation to consider...

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Ciara Campfield

Achievement through Collaboration: Exploring Multi School Solutions

The landscape of inter-school collaboration is complex, encompassing a wide range of different types of collaborative activity, both formal and informal...

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Adrian Shardlow

Towards a Fully Academised System – but Keep it in the Family

Gavin Williamson has a clear vision of the future of the state-funded school system and that is for every school to be part of a family of schools in a...

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Elizabeth Fortin

Coping with Poor Mental Health; Pupils, Schools, and their Obligations

The mental health toll of interruptions to education on children requires urgent attention. Poor mental health may manifest itself in a variety of symptoms,...

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Phil Herriott

Fraudsters are NOT on Lockdown!

With schools focusing on keeping their pupils and staff safe, and minimising the disruptive impacts caused by the pandemic, fraudsters are ready to take...

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By Declan Vaughan and Tom Lyas

Social Mobility - Creating a Fair Playing Field

“I didn’t want my future to be shaped by how little money my parents had”. Words which were spoken during a catch up with one of our trainee solicitors....

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Winston Poyton

How School Trusts can Prepare and Plan for the Next Normal

Leaders in education have more than proven their worth over the past few months, especially in multi-academy trusts. They’ve rolled out sweeping changes...

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Paula Williamson

Why Cyber Breaches Occur on Fridays – The Importance of Being One Step Ahead of your Service Provider

In the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic, having to divert precious staff time away from operations to deal with a personal data breach isn’t good news....

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Nick MacKenzie

What to do about Members?

The pandemic has shown us very clearly the value of human capital - our people. Let us hope that going forward this and successive governments invest in...

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Jean Boyle

Post Lockdown Performance Management and Pay Decisions: Advice for School Leaders

In January 2020 the talk around teachers’ salaries focused heavily on the government’s proposal of a pay increase for all teachers, including a suggested...

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Denise Inwood

A Great Leap Forward for Professional Learning

The coronavirus crisis has disrupted our lives but, as the dust settles, it presents a golden opportunity to rethink and reframe our approach to professional...

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Paula Williamson

Data Protection and COVID-19; The Keys to Securing Agile/Home Working

With Covid-19 declared a global pandemic, school trusts need to be prepared for homeworking. Organisations where agile working is the norm will already...

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Robert Gould and Jonathan Coyles

Transforming Energy Management: Trusts Taking the Lead on Carbon Reduction

As part of our COVID-19 resilience and recovery planning it is important to give consideration to the other global threat we face, that of the climate...

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David Laws

Teacher Shortages: Is Pay an Issue?

The government continues to find it challenging to meet its recruitment targets for teachers – not least in shortage subjects. Meanwhile, a significant...

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Steve Forbes

Balancing Safeguarding with Delivering an Engaging Curriculum Enabled By Technology

Online technology in education is evolving, with cloud-based applications, social media, and great educational resources online all becoming commonplace...

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Jesse Johnson

Enabling Trust-Wide Collaboration Through The Use Of Technology

One of the primary roles of MATs is to create a culture of collaboration across the organisation that transcends all levels from the Executive to the frontline...

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Stephen Morales

School Resource Manager Advisors

With the economic crash in 2008 and the government’s subsequent commitment to reduce the national budget deficit, the country has suffered ten years...

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Roger Inman

SEN Placements in Mainstream Schools: Successful Challenge By Academy Confirms Correct Process To Be Used By Local Authorities

The placement of students with the most extensive Special Educational Needs and Disability (SEND) in mainstream schools continues to be a significant challenge...

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Kate Dethridge

Supporting the Key Contribution of the School Business Professional

It’s that time of year again when schools are beginning to consider what their curriculum and staffing structures might look like in September. The process...

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Roger Inman

What Are The Key Legal Challenges That Schools Will Face Over the Coming Months?

A New Year brings with it renewed vigour for the months ahead and that vigour is going to be needed as 2019 is again going to be a busy year for schools....

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