Dominic Herrington

Reflections on COVID

When the history of this period of education is written, one of the things that will certainly stand out is the response of our school system to an unparalleled and incredibly variable seismic set of events. The pandemic has challenged school systems around the world and continues to do so on a daily basis. What has been at the heart of this response, and what are some of the current challenges our system faces?

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Robbie Coleman

Providing a Sustained and Flexible Source of Tutoring Support to Schools

Gratitude has been hugely important this year. During lockdown, the Clap for Carers provided a much-needed positive moment every week. NHS rainbows dotted...

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Matthew Crawford

‘Rising strong’ – A Pathway to Recovery and Reconnection

Embark Federation is an Education Charitable Trust that serves 3,000 children and their families. Formed in January 2019, it now works with 9 schools,...

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Sebastien Chapleau

Catching Up On Our Civic Duty

We have been talking a lot recently, about the role(s) schools have been playing throughout the Covid-19 pandemic, as well as the role they could – and...

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Jonathan Lewis

The Importance of Ethical Leadership at a Time of National Crisis

I was both pleased and a bit embarrassed to be recognised in the last edition of Trust as someone that had shown ethical leadership during this time of...

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Natalie Perera

Addressing the Post-Pandemic Widening Disadvantage Gap

The question of how we rebuild our economy, infrastructure and continue to work towards a fair and equitable society following the COVID-19 pandemic must...

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Matt Hood

Lockdown Learning: Oak’s Lessons for the Future

We often stretch metaphors at our peril. When telling the story of Oak National Academy, I think it’s worth the risk. Often in education we talk about...

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Jack Worth

The Balance Between Autonomy and Coherence

One of the most important challenges facing any school leader is deciding how best to create working conditions that maximise staff motivation to perform...

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Tom Rees

Mapping the Territory for Leaders of School Trusts

In Robert MacFarlane’s ‘Mountain of the Minds’, he tells the story of cartography through the ages. MacFarlane describes how explorers were able...

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Leora Cruddas

Maximising Civic Impact

In the last edition of Trust, I wrote about school trusts as an insurgent mission. This is a bold mission, requiring spikiness and limitless horizons....

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Chris Kenyon

What’s Behind an Academy Trust’s Decision to Grow?

To put this in some context: academisation is still relatively young. And in this short space of time, those who academised have had to formalise collaboration...

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Karen Wespieser

Asking the Right Questions: Being the Chief Learner When It Comes to SEND

One of my favourite phrases in leadership is when the CEO of an organisation brushes away the ‘executive’ part of their job title and replaces it with...

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James Toop

What Does It Take To Lead An Effective MAT?

MATs are still new, complex and evolving in the education sector, which means leaders can often find themselves reacting to what is happening around them;...

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