The Journal for Executive and Governance Leaders

May 2019 edition

Caroline Whitty


Welcome to the May edition of Trust. I am pleased to provide my synopsis of the topics covered in this issue. In her lead article, Leora Cruddas, CEO of CST, shares her reflections on autonomy. She considers what we understand by autonomy, where autonomy should sit and whose interests’ autonomy…

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Leora Cruddas

Reflections on autonomy

The term ‘autonomy’ is a highly contested and misunderstood concept. The whole question of the practice of autonomy needs more careful thought and analysis. What do we understand by autonomy? Where should autonomy sit? Whose interests does autonomy serve? A loss of freedom or interdependence? Recently, there has been a…

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Emma Knights

The time to chair

Chairs of multi academy trusts (MATs) are spending an average of fifty days per year – or approximately one day a week – carrying out the role, recent new research from the National Governance Association (NGA) revealed.  This is well above the twenty days per year which practice from the charity sector…

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Nick MacKenzie

Delivering organisational results

There is so much that has been written on the subject of clarity of purpose and vision and how that should shape and drive everything done in an organisation to optimise organisational results. Without a clear vision and purpose how are the people in an organisation able to see the…

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