The Journal for Executive and Governance Leaders

Gaining access to Trust


This digital publication is one of the many outcomes of the close collaborative partnership between CST (Confederation of School Trusts) and its wholly owned subsidiary NTA (National Teacher Accreditation). CST is the national organisation and sector body for school trusts in England advocating for, connecting and supporting executive and governance leaders and NTA (formerly NIPT) is the largest independent national Appropriate Body providing a high quality NQT accreditation service to schools of all types and phases including a growing number of MATs.

Trust, which is published twice termly, has been specifically designed to be an added value element to the benefits package offered to members of CST and to the NTA national networks. Full access to the publication will normally only be available to CST members and NTA registered schools and Trusts. Anyone wishing to find out more about gaining access to Trust, joining CST or registering for the NTA NQT accreditation service should contact [email protected]