The Journal for Executive and Governance Leaders

February 2019 edition

Caroline Whitty


Welcome to the third edition of Trust the digital professional journal for executive and governance leaders. This publication is one of the many outcomes of the close collaborative partnership between the Confederation of School Trusts (CST) and its wholly owned subsidiary National Teacher Accreditation (NTA). CST is the national organisation…

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Leora Cruddas

The Importance of the Teachers

Last month, the Department for Education launched the Teacher Recruitment and Retention Strategy, and the Early Career Framework (ECF). There was an astonishing amount of support from the sector for both. I think this reflects the way the DfE worked with the sector to develop this policy, but particularly the…

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Ian Bauckham CBE

Building Character and Resilience

What gives us character? What makes us resilient? These are two of the questions I look forward to grappling with as I chair the group announced by the Secretary of State Damian Hinds in his recent speech focussing on this topic. The discussions and consultations which lie ahead for our…

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Jonathan Simons

Governance at Scale

I won’t pretend to be a governance expert, but I’ve served on the body of an independent school, as the chair of a single Academy trust, now as a chair of an LGB, as a trustee and member of a large MAT, and also on the board of a national…

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Ian Buss

Fraud in the Education Sector

Throughout 2018, the threat to schools from fraudsters has compounded – not only are schools’ finance teams being targeted through malicious emails or vishing (telephone) scams but their pupils also face an increasing threat. They too are vulnerable to scams, but equally worryingly fraudsters also look to vulnerable young people…

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