The Journal for Executive and Governance Leaders

February 2020 edition

Caroline Whitty


Welcome to the new edition of Trust. With the ever present backdrop of some of the key challenges facing the sector, not least the issue of teacher recruitment and retention, this edition brings together a number of different strands of current thinking about the leadership of schools and trusts. Tom…

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Leora Cruddas

Maximising civic impact

In the last edition of Trust, I wrote about school trusts as an insurgent mission. This is a bold mission, requiring spikiness and limitless horizons. It involves collective action – leaders who are brilliant at leading their organisations and building trust, but who are also civic leaders who work with…

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Tom Rees

Mapping the territory for leaders of school trusts

In Robert MacFarlane’s ‘Mountain of the Minds’, he tells the story of cartography through the ages. MacFarlane describes how explorers were able to codify their growing knowledge of the world through the form of maps. These maps became increasingly accurate and sophisticated through the centuries, enabling others to understand new…

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Professor Qing Gu BA (Hons) MA PhD FRSA

Leading with impact: how successful leaders use instructional and transformational strategies to make a difference

“Good leaders change organisations; great leaders change people.” (Hoerr, 2005) Why school leadership matters Successful school leadership is, in essence, about leading change. The past 20 years have witnessed remarkably consistent and persisting efforts by educational policy makers to raise standards of achievement for all students through various school reforms.…

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Mandy Coalter, LLB, FCIPD

Creating a great place to work

Despite all the turbulence around us with the election, Brexit, new Ofsted framework, education funding and so on, as we start the new year one issue remains a significant challenge and that’s the recruitment and retention crisis in our sector. Trust leaders are aware of the continuing challenges and it…

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Jack Worth

The balance between autonomy and coherence

One of the most important challenges facing any school leader is deciding how best to create working conditions that maximise staff motivation to perform well in their role. Central to this is the complex challenge of ensuring that decisions are made at the appropriate level, and are informed by the…

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Ben White

Exploring teacher workload

Since the publication of Making Data Work (the DfE Workload Advisory Group’s report on data use and workload) I have been invited in to explore workload in a number of schools. The following three lines of questioning have often been helpful in encouraging constructive explorations of teacher and leader workload.…

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