Derek Lefley

Growing Your Own Talent

Just to be clear, this is not some sort of “weird science” Sci-Fi article that involves cryo-chambers and inordinate amounts of dry-ice. Nor is it a particularly new concept for many Trusts who are leading strategic thinking on the attraction, retention and rewarding of talented individuals. Rather than stretch your credibility on the capabilities of cloning, this article simply aims to encourage you to think about different ways of collaboration to solve some of the issues being experienced with Talent Acquisition and Talent Management.

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Tom Rees

Learning from ECF Implementation

The Early Career Framework (ECF) is a huge opportunity to invest in teacher professional development across the school system. This is a big step forward...

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Denise Inwood

The Changing Face of Performance Management

Anyone who is responsible for supporting trust or academy improvement on the ground will know that quality of teaching is central to the success of an...

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Melanie Hooson

A New Season for Teacher Professional Development

I like autumn. It’s a time of transition with fresh winds blowing change through the air. And change is afoot for teachers' professional development....

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Sam Twiselton

New Teachers – We Need to Look After Them More Than Ever Before

Covid-19 times have shown us more clearly than ever the importance of education and why we need to protect it. We have not only seen how hard it is when...

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Nick Gibb

The Early Career Framework: Bridging the Gap from ITT to a Sustained Career

With schools having welcomed all pupils back to the classroom, there is a sense of optimism as we see young people once again enjoying the benefits of...

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Reuben Moore

The Early Career Framework – Learning from the Early Roll-out

The Early Career Framework (ECF) provides such an opportunity for new teachers and their mentors right across the system. It addresses that most critical...

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By Martin Shevill and Leila Mactavish

The Impact of Covid-19 on Teacher Training

For trainee and early careers teachers, COVID-19 had the potential to completely upend their budding career development and aspirations. Whilst it will...

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Martin Shevill

Mitigating The Impact of COVID-19 on NQTs

School closure due to COVID-19 has reduced the training time for those on ITT courses by over one third. Not surprisingly, feedback is suggesting that...

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Sam Twiselton

NQTs and COVID-19 – Challenges and Opportunities

COVID-19 has brought so many different challenges in so many shapes and levels of stress for everyone working in the education sector. Those who are about...

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Sir David Carter

Tough Times Don’t Last – Tough Teams Do!

March 2020 will be seen as a watershed moment for education in this country. It was the moment that concerns about public exams, the new inspection framework...

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David Gooda

Succession Planning and Leadership Recruitment: a Crisis Not to be Wasted?

Trust boards discover they have a leadership vacancy in one of two ways. But whether planned or unexpected, it’s a supremely valuable moment, where the...

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Ben White

Exploring Teacher Workload

Since the publication of Making Data Work (the DfE Workload Advisory Group’s report on data use and workload) I have been invited in to explore workload...

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Mandy Coalter

Creating A Great Place to Work

Despite all the turbulence around us with the election, Brexit, new Ofsted framework, education funding and so on, as we start the new year one issue remains...

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Sarah Haythornthwaite

Closing the Reading Gap

As education leaders, but also as parents, I think we can all agree that reading is at the heart of all learning. So I found it encouraging that, since...

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Leila Mactavish

Ark Teacher Training – Nurturing Early Career Teachers

Teaching is stimulating. You use your brain in numerous ways: as an academic, a communicator, a parent and an actor. Teaching makes your synapses fizz...

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Alison Peacock

The Need For a Strong Professional Culture in Teaching – At Every Level of the System

How do people react when you tell them you work in teaching? Do they look at you with respect and admiration, celebrating your work to benefit the future...

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Sam Twiselton

A Potential Paradigm Shift in the Way Teachers Begin Their Professional Journey

It’s good timing to be writing for Trust as new teachers are very much on my mind right now. I have recently started chairing the DfE expert group that...

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Marie Hamer

Trusts in the Driving Seat to Take on the Teacher Retention Crisis

Every trust executive needs to prioritise taking care of their teachers and leaders. The evidence on exit rates shows that we cannot afford not to do ...

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David Weston

Leading a Self-Improving Workforce: 3 Great Opportunities for MATs with the New NPQs

As part of a huge swathe of policy on teacher recruitment, retention and development, the government has announced a new suite of National Professional...

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Leora Cruddas

The Importance of the Teachers

Last month, the Department for Education launched the Teacher Recruitment and Retention Strategy, and the Early Career Framework (ECF). There was an astonishing...

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Cal Scutt

Supporting Early Career Teachers: Priorities, Practice and Policy Direction

The challenge the sector faces in teacher recruitment and retention needs little introduction; increasing pupil numbers, fewer teachers joining the profession,...

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Sir David Carter

My ambitions for my new role with Ambition School Leadership and the Institute for Teaching

I wanted to join Ambition School Leadership and the Institute for Teaching (IfT) for the opportunity to work alongside people I trust and respect. Also...

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