July 2021 edition

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Leora Cruddas

Five Key Strategic Challenges for the Next Academic Year and Beyond

As we near the end of an extraordinary academic year, I thought it might be worth reflecting on the strategic challenges that next year will bring. I think...

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John Prior

Preparing to Meet the Post-pandemic Challenges Head-on

Orchard Hill College and Academy Trust (OHC&AT) exists to support, enable and champion the talents, skills and rights of the most complex and vulnerable...

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Steve Hodsman

Effective Trusteeship: A Personal View

Steve Hodsman, Chair of Trustees of the Delta Academies Trust and National Leader of Governance, shares his thoughts about what makes trustees effective,...

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Sam Twiselton

New Teachers – We Need to Look After Them More Than Ever Before

Covid-19 times have shown us more clearly than ever the importance of education and why we need to protect it. We have not only seen how hard it is when...

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Nick Hurn

Staff Absence Protection: The Mutual Alternative

With increasing pressures on budgets, and staff absences increasing due to COVID, Nick Hurn discusses how we can support our schools with an ethical staff...

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Ash Rahman

The Way Forward - Building Trust Culture Together

There is no escaping the fact that the pandemic has caused significant disruption to the education of all of our pupils but particularly to the most vulnerable...

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Samantha Friedman

Access, Engagement, and Connection to Nature and the Implications for Child Wellbeing

Amongst the devastating impacts of the Covid-19 pandemic were several societal shifts that many people are likely interested in maintaining. For some families,...

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Steve Rollett

The Resumption of Ofsted Inspections – Key Points for Trust Boards to Consider

With a more ‘normal’ schedule of Ofsted inspections expected to resume in the Autumn term, let’s take a bit of time to remind ourselves of key school...

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Sue Baldwin

Joining, Merging and Growing Academy Trusts

When Hannah Woodhouse (RSC for the South West) and I joined a CST masterclass on ‘joining, merging and growing’ Academy Trusts, the discussion with...

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Ciara Campfield

Achievement through Collaboration: Exploring Multi School Solutions

The landscape of inter-school collaboration is complex, encompassing a wide range of different types of collaborative activity, both formal and informal...

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Amanda Quinn

Navigating the Challenges of Public Procurement

The UK leaving the EU in December 2020 raised questions this year on the impact of procurement within education and concerns about new legislation to consider...

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