December 2020 edition

Steve Rollett


Welcome to this December edition of Trust, which is the final edition of 2020. In some ways it would be nice to describe this as a bookend to what has been a very difficult year for many of us; a symbolic closing of the page, if you will. But to view 2020 in that way would be to draw an unhelpful hard and fast line between past, present and future.

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Also featured

Leora Cruddas

Future Schooling

Many in the education commentariat are talking and writing about the future of schooling in England. These arguments, situated in the context of the global...

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Richard Gill

The Future of the Teaching Schools Council and the Potential Impact of Teaching School Hubs

In his 2020 Association of School and College Leaders speech, the Secretary of State for Education set out a significant package of reforms to the teacher...

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Hilary Spencer

Honouring Equality with Evidence

As we near the end of this calendar year, I don’t suppose many of us will be too sad to bid 2020 farewell. It’s been a year with many challenges for...

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By Peter Fonagy and Jaime Smith

Wellbeing: The Impact of the Pandemic and what Schools can do to Support Mental Health

In the wake of the pandemic, wellbeing has become something of a buzzword. This may seem paradoxical given the circumstances seem to be shrinking the possibility...

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Naureen Khalid

Chairing a Local Governing Body in a Multi-Academy Trust

Governance of any organisation is hugely important; schools are no different.

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Stuart Burns

The System: Some Reflections

40 years ago, I received an A-grade for my Y5 school holiday project on "The Solar System”, which reflected my early promise as a knowledge-rich analyst...

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By Martin Shevill and Leila Mactavish

The Impact of Covid-19 on Teacher Training

For trainee and early careers teachers, COVID-19 had the potential to completely upend their budding career development and aspirations. Whilst it will...

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Paula Williamson

Why Cyber Breaches Occur on Fridays – The Importance of Being One Step Ahead of your Service Provider

In the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic, having to divert precious staff time away from operations to deal with a personal data breach isn’t good news....

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Winston Poyton

How School Trusts can Prepare and Plan for the Next Normal

Leaders in education have more than proven their worth over the past few months, especially in multi-academy trusts. They’ve rolled out sweeping changes...

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