October 2018 edition

Robert McDonough


Welcome to the first edition of our Journal for Executive and Governance Leaders. We call it ‘Trust’. We aim for Trust to be a regular, digital, periodical for our new organisation, the Confederation of School Trusts (CST, formerly FASNA) and for our wholly owned subsidiary, National Teacher Accreditation (NTA, formerly NIPT). Trust will offer colleagues articles and features by some of the leading thinkers and decision makers in education. Through Trust we aim to keep you informed of the latest and most important developments in education along with topical features of interest about issues which challenge us.

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Also featured

Leora Cruddas

Building Trust

Over the past decade, academies have become a powerful force in education reform. With half of our children and young people in England educated in the...

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Lucy Heller

Why I Believe That A Sector Body Is Necessary

I’ve been around from the beginning of the academy movement. Academies have seen a huge transformation of the system. When we started, academisation...

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Lord Agnew

The Importance of Governance

A new school year presents us with the perfect opportunity to set out priorities and build on existing developments, to ensure every child receives an...

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Steve Hodsman

A Journey In Governance

"Can I borrow your school field please?” That question led to a life in governance locally, regionally and nationally. The trade-off for using the school...

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Martin Shevill

Proposed Changes To NQT Induction

An opportunity we cannot afford to miss.

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James Toop

What Does It Take To Lead An Effective MAT?

MATs are still new, complex and evolving in the education sector, which means leaders can often find themselves reacting to what is happening around them;...

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Nick MacKenzie

More Than Compliance

"Governance” is not a word or topic that typically sets the pulse racing. However, we all know that effective governance practice is critical to the...

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