October 2018 edition: Introduction


Welcome to the first edition of our Journal for Executive and Governance Leaders. We call it ‘Trust’. We aim for Trust to be a regular, digital, periodical for our new organisation, the Confederation of School Trusts (CST, formerly FASNA) and for our wholly owned subsidiary, National Teacher Accreditation (NTA, formerly NIPT). Trust will offer colleagues articles and features by some of the leading thinkers and decision makers in education. Through Trust we aim to keep you informed of the latest and most important developments in education along with topical features of interest about issues which challenge us.

This new organisation, CST, aims to be the voice for trusts at a regional and national level and, in the fullness of time be a contributor to the international debate. For our members we aim to advocate for you in order to provide an effective voice for academy trusts amongst those of influence. We aim to help connect you to those who can help you when you need it and in turn we aim to support executive leaders and trust boards with the challenges we face. Through Trust we will also keep you informed of the work of NTA and those issues relating to the extended induction process for new teachers and the associated accreditation process, a critical issue for the sector as it seeks to manage the current recruitment and retention difficulties.

We have been delighted with the strong support we have received so far for the creation of CST from our members. We now have in excess of 50% of the system leaders from the largest MATs as members and this will clearly give us an important voice in the sector. But CST does not just aim to represent the largest of our school trusts – we also aim to stand up for the small trusts which currently make up 88% of the sector. Given that I am myself a principal of a school and the CEO of a small trust, this is important for me personally. CST aims to be a voice for all trusts and our collective numbers will aid us in our aspirations to advocate, connect and support for all of our members.

We hope that you will support the ambitions of CST and NTA and that you will become active members of our network and regular readers of Trust.