Stephanie Mason

Managing the Changing Risk Profile of Academy Trusts

It has long been a requirement for Academy Trusts to formally manage their risks through a risk management policy and system and maintenance of a risk register. As the academy system matures, greater emphasis has been placed on governance and scrutiny to ensure that governance and the risk management system is working as it should.

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Maria Maltby

Reflections on Governance in the Academy Sector

Coming into the education governance sector as a relative outsider, having previously worked in the NHS, I was interested to find so much of my work really...

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Tomas Thurogood-Hyde

The Benefits of a Nominations Committee

“Another committee,” I sighed as my Chair announced that our tried, tested and efficient means of Trustee recruitment needed to be swept away in favour...

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Emma Hughes

Executive Pay Benchmarking

The first national salary benchmarking survey for executive leaders in School Trusts was been published on 13 October 2021. It has been conducted by XpertHR,...

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Steve Hodsman

Effective Trusteeship: A Personal View

Steve Hodsman, Chair of Trustees of the Delta Academies Trust and National Leader of Governance, shares his thoughts about what makes trustees effective,...

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Ken Lloyd

An Ethos for Effective Questioning

This article sets out some personal thoughts in relation to possible approaches to delivering effective questioning and challenge at Trust Board meeti...

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Louise Thomson

Re-coding Governance

It is often said that good governance is essential to a successful organisation. Consequently, governments, regulators, policy-makers and influencers have...

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Anna Machin

Reflections on the Governance Professional Role in Academy Trusts

One of the many contradictions I have experienced over the past year since Covid-19 entered our lives, is that life can simultaneously feel like it is...

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Naureen Khalid

Chairing a Local Governing Body in a Multi-Academy Trust

Governance of any organisation is hugely important; schools are no different.

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Roger Inman

Assured Governance: How to Control Risk in Academy Trusts

Risk is very much currently at the forefront of our minds as schools work tirelessly to manage the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic. However managing...

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Robert Barham-Brown

Recovery and Rebuilding Better

March 20th 2020 was the date UK schools closed and sadly they were to remain closed to all their pupils for some considerable time. Whilst this dark day...

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Mark Blois

Evolving Governance Within a Growing Academy Trust

For the last nine years I have had the huge privilege of serving as Chair of the L.E.A.D Academy Trust and this article offers a few reflections on that...

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Rosemary Fisher

Becoming a Vice-Chair During the Pandemic

"Allow me to encourage you to reflect on the impact you have had at this time.”

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Dawn Carman-Jones

COVID-19 – Testing the Resilience of our Governance Structures

I want to start by expressing sincere gratitude to everyone working in education at the moment, in all capacities; you are supporting our young people...

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Catherine Dottridge

McKinsey 7S Model: A Simple Framework for Success

Do you know how well your school trust is positioned to achieve its goals or what elements influence its ability to implement change successfully?

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Richard Greenhalgh

Trusts and Their Schools – a Network of Excellence

The growth of multi-academy trusts provides the opportunity for organisational added value. However it presents too, the risk of non-value-adding bureaucracy...

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Emma Perkin

Why the Governance Leadership Programme is So Important

At the Spring CST conference on Effective, Accountable and Ethical Governance I was asked for the one piece of advice I would give to a new trustee. My...

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Emma Knights

The Time To Chair

Chairs of multi academy trusts (MATs) are spending an average of fifty days per year – or approximately one day a week – carrying out the role, recent...

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Tiffany Beck

Key Challenges in MAT Governance

Governance in MATs is an evolving beast – rightfully so, because if it continued to function only as it did before, we’d be doing our schools a disservice....

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Charis Evans

Improving Governance in Trusts: a Competency Framework to Support Career Development

Strong governance is vital to the success of any organisation and it is essential that those people employed to implement good governance practices in...

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Jonathan Simons

Governance at Scale

I won’t pretend to be a governance expert, but I’ve served on the body of an independent school, as the chair of a single Academy trust, now as a chair...

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Nick MacKenzie

More Than Compliance

"Governance” is not a word or topic that typically sets the pulse racing. However, we all know that effective governance practice is critical to the...

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Steve Hodsman

A Journey In Governance

"Can I borrow your school field please?” That question led to a life in governance locally, regionally and nationally. The trade-off for using the school...

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Lord Agnew

The Importance of Governance

A new school year presents us with the perfect opportunity to set out priorities and build on existing developments, to ensure every child receives an...

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