February 2022 edition

Leora Cruddas CBE


We are proud to publish this most recent edition of Trust – our journal for executive and governance leaders.

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Steve Rollett

Understanding what Makes a Strong Trust

With a white paper nearing, expected to include more detail on the government’s ambition for all schools to be part of a strong Trust, there is a pressing...

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Cathy Anwar

Staff and Pupils’ Wellbeing – a CEO perspective

For Trust CEOs, Daniel Pink’s theory of intrinsic motivation based on autonomy, mastery and purpose may resonate in terms of our own wellbeing [1]. Many...

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Sufian Sadiq

Building Back with Equity

The past two years have been incredibly challenging for our sector. There is a focus now placed on the gaps in learning for our young people and the mental...

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Maria Maltby

Reflections on Governance in the Academy Sector

Coming into the education governance sector as a relative outsider, having previously worked in the NHS, I was interested to find so much of my work really...

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Dominic Herrington

My Day as a Teaching Assistant

‘Are you new?’ A pair of Year 3 eyes looked up at me as I attempted to help with lunchtime duty last week in my local primary school. It was a reminder...

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Mandy Coalter

Priorities for your Trust People Strategy in these Challenging Times

Recently a Headteacher told me that many of her staff are now on their second, and in some cases even third, Covid-19 infection and absence is a critical...

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Jon Coles

The EdTech Demonstrator Programme

For many years the debate in educational technology was too often a debate of the deliberately deaf. On the one hand, the uncritical lovers who saw in...

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Tom Rees

Learning from ECF Implementation

The Early Career Framework (ECF) is a huge opportunity to invest in teacher professional development across the school system. This is a big step forward...

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Jennie Jakubowski

The Benefits of Executive Salary Benchmarking

The summer of 2021 heralded the start of a new partnership between the CST and HR intelligence specialists XpertHR, who came together to launch a salary...

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By Steve Rollett and Jon Severs

An Interview with Jon Severs

The education press is a significant actor in our education system. Against a backdrop of speculation about the forthcoming government White Paper, Steve...

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Nick MacKenzie

(Don’t) look up!

Adam McKay’s recent disaster satire movie 'Don’t Look Up' has certainly divided critics and audiences, perhaps by trying to say and do too much. The...

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