October 2019 edition

Caroline Whitty


Welcome to the first edition of Trust for the new 2019/20 academic year. I am pleased to provide my synopsis of the range of topical subjects covered in this issue.

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Also featured

Leora Cruddas

School Trusts as New Civic Structures

Earlier this year, I was delighted to give evidence to the UPP Foundation Civic University Commission. It was a privilege to have the opportunity to think...

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Richard Greenhalgh

Trusts and Their Schools – a Network of Excellence

The growth of multi-academy trusts provides the opportunity for organisational added value. However it presents too, the risk of non-value-adding bureaucracy...

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Amelia Walker

Self-Evaluation and Improvement – A View of the System

So….I used to be responsible for evaluation in Ofsted. I’ll just get that out there before I say any more as it is relevant to virtually everything...

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Andy Wolfe

Trust is Living Well Together

Reflecting on the word ‘Trust’ – the ‘T’ of our Multi Academy or Single Academy Trust designation – centres our thinking on the importance...

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Unity Howard

Free Schools – An Integral Part of England’s Education Landscape

In 2010, the coalition Government invited parents, teachers, businesses, charities and existing schools to establish new schools across the country, and...

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Leila Mactavish

Ark Teacher Training – Nurturing Early Career Teachers

Teaching is stimulating. You use your brain in numerous ways: as an academic, a communicator, a parent and an actor. Teaching makes your synapses fizz...

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Steve Forbes

Balancing Safeguarding with Delivering an Engaging Curriculum Enabled By Technology

Online technology in education is evolving, with cloud-based applications, social media, and great educational resources online all becoming commonplace...

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Emma Hughes

Two Things Boards and Executive Teams Should Be Working on Together

Like every organisation, school trusts are made up of lots of different teams. Whilst the board and the executive are teams within their own right, they...

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