Unity Howard

Unity Howard
Unity is the Director of NSN, an independent charity improving the life chances of young people by supporting the creation and long-term success of new schools. Since joining NSN in 2014, Unity has led the Advisory team, which supports free school applicants, and has led the organisation’s work on Special and Alternative Provision free schools. Prior to joining NSN, Unity worked for a further education college co-ordinating the delivery of vocational training programmes across the South East to clients such as BMW and Rolls-Royce. Unity has an MA (Hons) in Contemporary British History from King’s College London, where she conducted research into the history of the academies policy in England.

Articles from this author

Free Schools – An Integral Part of England’s Education Landscape

In 2010, the coalition Government invited parents, teachers, businesses, charities and existing schools to establish new schools across the country, and...

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