Trust Journal

Leora Cruddas


In the introduction to this edition of Trust, I want to make the case for ‘robust’ policy. Robustness can be defined as "a system’s ability to maintain its functions or characteristics in a relatively controlled and reliable manner in the face of external shocks or perturbations” (Campano and Woo, 2018).

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Steve Rollett

Stronger Together

It is wonderful to be able to write this piece as CST’s Deputy Chief Executive. My only regret is that I’m not doing so in happier times. That said,...

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Dominic Herrington

Reflections on COVID

When the history of this period of education is written, one of the things that will certainly stand out is the response of our school system to an unparalleled...

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Ed Vainker

Remaining True to Vision and Values in a Post-Lockdown World

When we opened Reach Academy Feltham in 2012 it was with the conviction that we would deliver a life of choice and opportunity for our pupils only if we...

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Rowena Hackwood

A Leadership Baptism of Fire

Starting a new leadership role is an exciting challenge at any time – but how does it feel to have taken up a new CEO role during lockdown and the subsequent...

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Robbie Coleman

Providing a Sustained and Flexible Source of Tutoring Support to Schools

Gratitude has been hugely important this year. During lockdown, the Clap for Carers provided a much-needed positive moment every week. NHS rainbows dotted...

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Roger Inman

Assured Governance: How to Control Risk in Academy Trusts

Risk is very much currently at the forefront of our minds as schools work tirelessly to manage the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic. However managing...

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Mandy Coalter, LLB, FCIPD

Learning the Post-Lockdown Lessons of a More Agile Workforce

Back in February this year, I was physically present at a meeting with several HR colleagues from academy trusts. We were discussing the challenge of...

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Nick MacKenzie

What to do about Members?

The pandemic has shown us very clearly the value of human capital - our people. Let us hope that going forward this and successive governments invest in...

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Robert Barham-Brown

Recovery and Rebuilding Better

March 20th 2020 was the date UK schools closed and sadly they were to remain closed to all their pupils for some considerable time. Whilst this dark day...

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