March 2022 edition

Steve Rollett


We publish this latest edition of Trust ahead of the imminent arrival of a Schools White Paper. Many of the headlines have already emerged, with the government making clear over the past year or more that it wants to see all schools join a school trust. We expect this to be a strong focus within the White Paper.

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Also featured

Leora Cruddas CBE

Preparing for Change

The last ten years has seen massive reform. We now educate more than half of children and young people in the Trust sector. In 2010, there were just 203...

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Charis Evans

The Power of Communities

"There is no power for change greater than a community discovering what it cares about.”

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Nicola West Jones

Trust Growth in 2022: Barriers and Opportunities

Trust growth has long been complex for leaders to manage. However the pressures of the pandemic, coupled with some ongoing reluctance among remaining schools...

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Robert Gould

Tackling Energy Price Inflation – What can Trusts do?

Everyone wants to take action on climate change but the recent and unprecedented rises in electricity and gas prices have added further urgency to this...

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Graham Burns

Changed Public Procurement Thresholds and Procurement Top Tips

At the beginning of the year, the Department for Education updated its guidance to schools in relation to Buying Procedures and Procurement Law for Schools....

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Rosemary Baylis-West

Building Leadership Capacity in the Post-pandemic Landscape

The Covid-19 pandemic has disrupted our sector in ways that would have been impossible to predict two years ago. It has been a test of resilience and of...

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Derek Lefley

Growing Your Own Talent

Just to be clear, this is not some sort of “weird science” Sci-Fi article that involves cryo-chambers and inordinate amounts of dry-ice. Nor is it...

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By Caroline Whitty and Luke Sparkes

An Interview with Luke Sparkes

Caroline Whitty, Editor of Trust Journal, talks to Luke Sparkes about Dixons Academies Trust’s approach to professional growth.

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