December 2021 edition

Steve Rollett


Welcome to this latest edition of Trust. It is the final edition of 2021 and provides a useful opportunity for us to take stock.

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Also featured

Leora Cruddas CBE

Never has the Wellbeing of Leaders been more Important

Twenty months of Covid-19 is a long time for people to operate in ‘crisis response.’

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Tomas Thurogood-Hyde

The Benefits of a Nominations Committee

“Another committee,” I sighed as my Chair announced that our tried, tested and efficient means of Trustee recruitment needed to be swept away in favour...

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Tiffany Beck

The School Trust System: Where are we at, and what can Trusts do next?

Our recent PLMR state-of-the-nation report looked at the current state of the school system in England as it is now on the cusp of its 10,000th academ...

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John Camp

Trusts: Networks of knowledge exchange and intellectual challenge

The rock tumbler smooths the stone by way of tumbling it against other rocks that enter the chasm with rough edges. The stone leaves the tumbler shiny...

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Denise Inwood

The Changing Face of Performance Management

Anyone who is responsible for supporting trust or academy improvement on the ground will know that quality of teaching is central to the success of an...

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Malcolm Trobe

CEO Core Responsibilities

As the sector body for School Trusts, CST developed a draft set of Core Responsibilities for School Trust CEOs earlier this term. This was done following...

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Polly O'Malley

Teaching and Tech: How can schools manage the use and misuse of social media?

It is very likely that a high percentage of your teachers and pupils will have social media accounts such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or TikTok. Terms...

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Iona Jackson

Findings from the Edurio Pupil Learning Experience and Wellbeing Survey

At Edurio, we conducted a large-scale survey focusing on issues relating to overall wellbeing, safeguarding and the impact on pupils' happiness at sch...

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Emma Slater

Making Education Accessible for all - Learners and Teachers

As more of the curriculum is delivered on a screen, rather than from a textbook or reading from a board, we must look at the barriers that stop learners...

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