October 2021 edition

Leora Cruddas


I am delighted to bring you this Autumn edition of Trust Journal. This edition is about the future – how we arise stronger from the global pandemic and build anew for our children and young people.

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Also featured

Steve Rollett

School Improvement: The NET Result

It’s twelve months since I wrote my first article for Trust journal and it’s just over twelve months that I’ve had the privilege of being Deputy...

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Rachel de Souza

The Big Answers: Building a New Deal for England's Children

Firstly, I want to acknowledge just how extraordinarily hard this year has been for us - for students, for trainee teachers, for leaders – so thank you...

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John Blake

The Education Recovery Plan

School Trusts have been at the forefront of managing the vast disruption of the pandemic. No one in education is under any illusion that recovery from...

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Emma Hughes

Executive Pay Benchmarking

The first national salary benchmarking survey for executive leaders in School Trusts was been published on 13 October 2021. It has been conducted by XpertHR,...

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Nick Capstick

The Moment to put Child Health at the Heart of Recovery

Recovery. It’s on my mind as a head and Multi-academy Trust CEO every minute of every day. How do we ensure that every child gets back-on-track academically?...

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Melanie Hooson

A New Season for Teacher Professional Development

I like autumn. It’s a time of transition with fresh winds blowing change through the air. And change is afoot for teachers' professional development....

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Oli de Botton

Modern Careers Education: What it is and Why it Matters

Results days are tricky at the best of times (and that’s an understatement for the last two). Success is measured by letters and grades of course, but...

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Alison Bellwood

Educating a Generation of Environmental Inventors, Innovators and Problem-solvers

One of the world’s most popular educationalists, the late Sir Ken Robinson, said: "We’re all born with immense, natural, creative abilities. Children...

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Robert Gould

Climate Change – Doing Nothing is No Longer an Option

On the eve of COP26 and in the wake of the COVID crisis, the imperative to develop and implement plans for tackling climate change has never been stro...

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