March 2021 edition

Steve Rollett


It’s a privilege to welcome you to this latest version of Trust Journal. As you will see, once again we have another edition packed full of thoughtful reflections, practical advice and professional insight – all of which will help your organisation to reach the outcomes it strives for on behalf of young people. Now, as ever, these outcomes are likely to encapsulate a whole range of areas from academic achievement, to wellbeing and much more.

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Also featured

Leora Cruddas

An Overview of Current Reforms - and the Case for Unprecedented Collaboration and New Forms of Leadership

This is a significant moment in the history of education in England. The policy reforms that are about to be implemented will shift the strategic picture....

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Steve Taylor

C.S. Lewis and the Lure of the Inner Ring

Last December I was fortunate to attend a webinar delivered by the leadership coach, Mitzi Wyman, entitled ‘The Lure of the Inner Ring’. Her content...

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Ian Bauckham CBE

The Great Education Question of the Day: Catch-up – What is it and What Should we be Doing?

Catch-up. It’s the term on everyone’s lips. Gaps have widened. Commentators and think tanks alike put forward competing superlatives for the scale...

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Louise Thomson

Re-coding Governance

It is often said that good governance is essential to a successful organisation. Consequently, governments, regulators, policy-makers and influencers have...

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Malcolm Trobe

Using the New Headteachers’ Standards Across a Multi-academy Trust

The brief to the Headteacher Standards Review Group was to develop Headteachers’ Standards for leaders of single schools. The review group, however,...

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Cait Cooper

Mentally Healthy Schools: Opening up Conversations about Mental Health

The pandemic, and successive lockdowns, will have impacted on children and young people’s mental health in a number of significant ways. They may have...

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John Camp

Together we're Stronger

The Compass Partnership is a group of seven schools; six primaries and one all-through special school. As a group, we have existed since 2011 and have...

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Elizabeth Fortin

Coping with Poor Mental Health; Pupils, Schools, and their Obligations

The mental health toll of interruptions to education on children requires urgent attention. Poor mental health may manifest itself in a variety of symptoms,...

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Ernest Jenavs

A Year of Change: School Staff Perception of Trusts During the Pandemic

School Trusts have been working tirelessly during the pandemic to support their schools and communities. But has that been appreciated by staff working...

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By Sara Collins and Richard Dunne

Children Need Nature Now

Whilst COVID-19 caused us all to pause and radically changed our lives, many people rediscovered the power of being outside in nature.

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Peter Collison

Digital Assessment in Trusts and their Schools

Digital technologies have been a saviour for many Trusts and their schools throughout the pandemic. With lessons over Zoom, collaboration work via Google...

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