February 2021 edition

Leora Cruddas


This edition of Trust is about building the future together.

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Steve Rollett

A Bridge to the Future

The capacity of people to look optimistically into the future, even when the present is deeply challenging, is perhaps one of the most remarkable and uplifting...

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Reuben Moore

The Early Career Framework – Learning from the Early Roll-out

The Early Career Framework (ECF) provides such an opportunity for new teachers and their mentors right across the system. It addresses that most critical...

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Vanessa Ogden

Education for a Changing World: Lessons from the Pandemic and the Power of Virtual Learning

‘This school is not the million bricks, but the thousand hearts who carry more dreams than the night sky has stars.’ Anonna, Year 7, January 2021 taken...

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Warren Carratt

The Extraordinary Art of Being Ordinary

“May you live in interesting times” is, allegedly, an expression embraced by the English, taken from a Chinese curse. Before the COVID-19 pandemic...

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Anna Machin

Reflections on the Governance Professional Role in Academy Trusts

One of the many contradictions I have experienced over the past year since Covid-19 entered our lives, is that life can simultaneously feel like it is...

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Derek Lefley

The National Tutoring Programme – An NTP Tuition Provider’s Perspective

Perhaps one of the worst outcomes of the pandemic will be if the hard-won gains made by schools in closing the attainment gap were to be reversed or even...

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By Declan Vaughan and Tom Lyas

Social Mobility - Creating a Fair Playing Field

“I didn’t want my future to be shaped by how little money my parents had”. Words which were spoken during a catch up with one of our trainee solicitors....

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Phil Herriott

Fraudsters are NOT on Lockdown!

With schools focusing on keeping their pupils and staff safe, and minimising the disruptive impacts caused by the pandemic, fraudsters are ready to take...

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