June 2020 edition

Caroline Whitty


In this edition of Trust, as you would anticipate, we continue to focus on the impact and longer-term implications of the COVID-19 pandemic on our sector.

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Also featured

Leora Cruddas

Leading Ethically During COVID-19

We have seen some magnificent examples of civic leadership exercised by local authorities, schools and trusts during COVID-19 – leaders acting with professional...

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Matt Hood

Lockdown Learning: Oak’s Lessons for the Future

We often stretch metaphors at our peril. When telling the story of Oak National Academy, I think it’s worth the risk. Often in education we talk about...

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Sam Twiselton

NQTs and COVID-19 – Challenges and Opportunities

COVID-19 has brought so many different challenges in so many shapes and levels of stress for everyone working in the education sector. Those who are about...

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Martin Shevill

Mitigating The Impact of COVID-19 on NQTs

School closure due to COVID-19 has reduced the training time for those on ITT courses by over one third. Not surprisingly, feedback is suggesting that...

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Natalie Perera

Addressing the Post-Pandemic Widening Disadvantage Gap

The question of how we rebuild our economy, infrastructure and continue to work towards a fair and equitable society following the COVID-19 pandemic must...

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Rosemary Fisher

Becoming a Vice-Chair During the Pandemic

"Allow me to encourage you to reflect on the impact you have had at this time.”

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Denise Inwood

A Great Leap Forward for Professional Learning

The coronavirus crisis has disrupted our lives but, as the dust settles, it presents a golden opportunity to rethink and reframe our approach to professional...

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