December 2019 edition

Caroline Whitty


Welcome to the new edition of Trust. I am pleased to provide my synopsis of the range of topical subjects covered in this issue.

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Also featured

David Laws

Teacher Shortages: Is Pay an Issue?

The government continues to find it challenging to meet its recruitment targets for teachers – not least in shortage subjects. Meanwhile, a significant...

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Leora Cruddas

School Trusts – An “Insurgent Mission”

In their excellent book, The Founder’s Mentality, Zook and Allen talk about the insurgent mission as one of the key features of the founders of successful...

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Rebecca Boomer-Clark & Mark Gregory

The Work of School Improvement at Scale – Learning Lessons From The US

At the beginning of the original Academies Programme many curious school leaders looked across the Atlantic to learn from the US Charter schools movement,...

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Catherine Dottridge

McKinsey 7S Model: A Simple Framework for Success

Do you know how well your school trust is positioned to achieve its goals or what elements influence its ability to implement change successfully?

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Luke Sparkes

A Choice and a Commitment

The premise of Patrick Lencioni’s excellent book, The Advantage, is that the single greatest advantage any company can achieve is organisational health....

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Chris Kenyon

What’s Behind an Academy Trust’s Decision to Grow?

To put this in some context: academisation is still relatively young. And in this short space of time, those who academised have had to formalise collaboration...

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Roger Inman

There May Be Trouble Ahead: The Importance of Acting Early to Manage DfE Intervention into a Failing Academy

In a period of political uncertainty, many trusts find themselves facing forceful intervention by the DfE when one of their academies gets into trouble....

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Sarah Haythornthwaite

Closing the Reading Gap

As education leaders, but also as parents, I think we can all agree that reading is at the heart of all learning. So I found it encouraging that, since...

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