July 2020 edition

Caroline Whitty


Now that we are adjusting to the new normal, this edition of Trust builds on the last by offering examples of approaches to strategic planning to mitigate the considerable challenges facing us in the new academic year. There is also a strong theme about the importance of the sector seizing the day and taking the unique opportunity the pandemic has presented to play its part in achieving both real educational and wider societal positive change.

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Also featured

Leora Cruddas

"Rising strong"

We have seen a plethora of articles and blogs written over the past few months, regarding all aspects of education. Many have called for fundamental and...

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Gareth Conyard

The Early Career Framework

We know we need to be attracting great people into the teaching profession, and that we want to retain and develop that talent. This was true well before...

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Jonathan Lewis

The Importance of Ethical Leadership at a Time of National Crisis

I was both pleased and a bit embarrassed to be recognised in the last edition of Trust as someone that had shown ethical leadership during this time of...

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Becky Francis

Supporting Remote Learning

Since March, schools have risen swiftly to extraordinary challenges, including logistical, cultural and emotional challenges – to support pupils and...

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Claire Maclean

Building Agility and Confidence – One Trust’s Approach to Post Lockdown Strategic Planning

As the lockdown eases and we continue to refine our Trust’s strategic approach in readiness for the new academic year, being agile and confident in response...

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Matthew Crawford

‘Rising strong’ – A Pathway to Recovery and Reconnection

Embark Federation is an Education Charitable Trust that serves 3,000 children and their families. Formed in January 2019, it now works with 9 schools,...

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Sebastien Chapleau

Catching Up On Our Civic Duty

We have been talking a lot recently, about the role(s) schools have been playing throughout the Covid-19 pandemic, as well as the role they could – and...

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Mark Blois

Evolving Governance Within a Growing Academy Trust

For the last nine years I have had the huge privilege of serving as Chair of the L.E.A.D Academy Trust and this article offers a few reflections on that...

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Jean Boyle

Post Lockdown Performance Management and Pay Decisions: Advice for School Leaders

In January 2020 the talk around teachers’ salaries focused heavily on the government’s proposal of a pay increase for all teachers, including a suggested...

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Sharon Hague

Journeying Through a ‘New Normal’ Together

It would be fair to say that Covid-19 has turned education on its head.

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