April 2020 edition

Caroline Whitty


We find ourselves in unprecedented times. Our schools have risen superbly to the occasion and are doing a remarkable job in carrying on the education of the children in their care under the most challenging of circumstances. In the spirit of this we wanted to go ahead with the circulation of this edition of Trust offering some reflections on what is happening in the light of the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Also featured

Leora Cruddas

The Tenacity of the Human Spirit

Recently I wrote an article in TES about the path from crisis to recovery in the COVID-19 response. In this article, I talked about the need to build resilience...

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Sir David Carter

Tough Times Don’t Last – Tough Teams Do!

March 2020 will be seen as a watershed moment for education in this country. It was the moment that concerns about public exams, the new inspection framework...

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Dawn Carman-Jones

COVID-19 – Testing the Resilience of our Governance Structures

I want to start by expressing sincere gratitude to everyone working in education at the moment, in all capacities; you are supporting our young people...

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Tom Rees

Business as Unusual for School Trusts

Life in a school or trust is always busy and full of challenges but a global pandemic has brought new problems for schools to wrestle with.

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Catherine Paine

Schools Rising to the Unprecedented Challenge of COVID-19

When I was asked to write this piece, the world was a different place. The original article that I had written was about how we were working across REAch2...

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Robert Gould and Jonathan Coyles

Transforming Energy Management: Trusts Taking the Lead on Carbon Reduction

As part of our COVID-19 resilience and recovery planning it is important to give consideration to the other global threat we face, that of the climate...

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Paula Williamson

Data Protection and COVID-19; The Keys to Securing Agile/Home Working

With Covid-19 declared a global pandemic, school trusts need to be prepared for homeworking. Organisations where agile working is the norm will already...

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